Welcome to Hilton Homes

Hilton Homes has become one of the most respected Winnipeg home builders by focusing on the importance of value, attention to detail, and quality workmanship. With over 30 years as a Winnipeg home builder, Hilton Homes knows you expect a lot from your home – it’s the centre of your life. From duplexes to bungalows, from cabovers to two-storey homes, whatever your family’s needs may be, our team understands that your home has to have great functionality. Our team considers features like closet sizes, hallways, traffic flow and so much more, so you don’t have to. Our biggest compliment is when people tell us they love their home, they can’t tell us exactly why they love it, they just do. That’s what we strive for in each and every Winnipeg custom home we build – making a house a home. Quality, comfort and style.  Designed and built for your family.  Plus, view our page of quick possession homes in Winnipeg with a variety of our most popular models.  If you’re ready to experience a new home in Winnipeg, then click the Quick Possessions link below  to read about all the features and who to contact to set up a personal tour. Visit one of our show homes today!